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Wilderness First Responder

Hybrid WFR Course | Bend, Oregon

Course Description:

We have the perfect mix of medical, basic rescue training and survival for leaders in backcountry locations including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue personnel, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum is extensive and demanding; it will challenge students’ decision making skills and physical fitness. This course includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems, begin basic rescue operations, understand and implement navigation in a rescue operation, deal with aircraft during a rescue, and be proficient in multiple roles during a backcountry medical or rescue situation. This includes isolated and extreme environments for an extended period of time. This course is primarily taught in the backcountry and is extremely challenging. Attendees will be camping for the duration of the course. Be prepared for one nighttime operation.


This WFR Hybrid course requires approximately 50+ hours of online course work. Following the completion of the online material a student will be eligible to attend the 30+ hours of hands on training. During the in person course, students will learn the latest wilderness medicine skills for patient assessment, treatment, and evacuation. Our expert instructors employ a wide scope of teaching methods, balancing lectures with practical, hands-on skills and scenarios. Emphasis is placed not just on the materials learned, but the critical decision making skills surrounding effective backcountry medical management.

Recommended Prerequisite: ICS-100 certification is required. This is a free two hour course online with FEMA. This course gives a basic understanding of the incident command system. A basic understanding of the incident command system will help manage an emergency.

Certifications earned with this course:
Wilderness First Responder
Advanced Bleeding Control (M.A.R.C.H.)
Bloodborne Pathogens
​CPR/AED and High Performance CPR
​Emergency Oxygen use
Administration of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors


Please contact BTE at info@bterescue.com for registration and more details


This course will be held by Beyond the Edge in Bend, OR


The materials below above are covered via online and in person didactic lecture, small group discussion, practical skills sessions, and live scenarios. Each topic will describe pathology, treatment, prevention, and provide evacuation guidelines necessary for high quality patient care. This curriculum is continually reviewed for best practice and the most up to date guidelines.

The WFR curriculum includes, but is not limited to topics such as:

• Patient Assessment Scene Size-up, Primary Survey, Secondary Survey
• Bleeding and Shock
• Wound and Burn Management
• Fractures & Dislocations
• Chest Injuries
• Abdominal Injuries
• Head and Spine Injuries
• Near Drowning
• Lightning
• Heat-Related Illness
• Hypothermia & Cold-Related Illness/Injury
• Genitourinary Emergencies
• Psychology in the Wilderness
• Neurological Emergencies
• Intro to Diving Medicine
• Altitude Illness
• Avalanche Risk and Avoidance
• Law and the Wilderness
• Poisoning Emergencies
• Evacuation Guidelines
• Improvised Litters & Carries
• Skin, Wilderness Dentistry, Illness & Injury of the Eyes

June 10, 2023 - June 13, 2023


June 10, 2023
June 13, 2023
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Beyond the Edge
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Tumalo State Park
64170 O. B. Riley Rd
Tumalo, OR 97703 United States
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