AdventureMed for
Medical Professionals

Front country medicine is taught with the expectation that all variables are perfect: supplies are on hand, weather and temperature conditions are average, and more resources are just down the hall. That ideal is the exception in austere environments. Whether an EMT or an MD, medical professional courses take varying levels of existing medical training and instruct wilderness applications. All medical professional classes, both in person and online, are eligible for Category 1 AMA PRA, Category 1 CME through the ACCME, as well as FAWM (Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™) credit.

AdventuredMed provides fully remote online modules available for education from wherever your adventure takes you. Our WLS:MP classes are hosted internationally by the best in wilderness medicine education. We believe nothing is more important than safety, so we ensure that our curriculum follows the most up-to-date, best practice recommendations and prioritizes hands-on application. 

Accreditation Available 

-WLS:MP Certification

    Valid 4 years

-Category 1 AMA PRA, Category 1 CME through the ACCME

    Inquire with your governing body for credit acceptance

-FAWM (Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™) credit

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Example Courses for Medical Professionals