AdventureMed is a wilderness medicine education provider. 

For nearly three decades, AdventureMed has been a distinguished leader in Wilderness Medicine education, operating across six continents. Established in 2005, AdventureMed was founded with the primary objective of educating practicing medical professionals, providing them with the skills to proactively prevent and proficiently manage emergency medical situations in remote and resource-challenged environments.

Over the years, our curriculum has evolved to encompass a comprehensive array of courses, including the exclusive Wilderness Life Support for Medical Professionals, as well as cutting-edge offerings like Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder. These courses have been thoughtfully crafted to offer accessible education to a diverse audience.

At AdventureMed, we take pride in our commitment to ongoing refinement and updates of our curriculum. We base our teachings on evidence-based medicine derived from a variety of rigorously verified sources. Central to our approach is patient care, with a focus on inclusive and trauma-informed practices.

AdventureMed fosters a culture of inclusivity, embracing individuals irrespective of race, religion, gender, ability, or experience. Through our medical education programs, we aspire to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering confidence in their wilderness skills.

Whether you are seeking knowledge for solo backcountry exploration, guiding river excursions, leading clients on challenging mountain ascents, or working in disaster relief zones,

AdventureMed strives to equip those in the outdoors with an easily accessible, thorough and reliable wilderness medicine education.




Our Courses


AdventureMed offers a variety of wilderness medical certification courses tailored to the needs of the participant. Our courses range from lay rescuer classes; Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), and also include CME modules and Wilderness Life Support for Medical Professionals (WLS:MP).

These classes are offered in varying formats:

Hosted Courses: Our most traditional course format, AdventureMed provides an instructor dedicated to teaching the class.

Licensed Courses: Individuals with the required qualifications and training can host their own course. These courses are typically administered in areas not hosted by AdventureMed, or that are tailored to specific user groups.

Both hosted and licensed courses are offered fully in-person, or in an online/in-person hybrid option.

Our independent modules are available fully online, and are eligible for CME accreditation.

AdventureMed is led by a group of motivated outdoor enthusiasts who believe quality first response care is critical for community safety, and should be available to anyone regardless of environment or background.

The majority of our faculty and staff have extensively taught Advanced Wilderness Life Support courses, and have practiced wilderness medicine as both an avocation and occupation. We prioritize in-field experience, and continued hands-on experience and education for our staff.