Student FAQs

  • Medical Professionals

    • Who should take the AdventureMed for Medical Professionals courses?

      This course is geared toward medical professionals; an EMT or other medical-related degree or certification is encouraged.

      However, anyone is eligible to take our medical professional course. The content taught in this course is tailored to those who already have a foundation in medicine; the class will be taught with that assumed knowledge.

      If you have no prior medical training, you will instead be able to obtain a Wilderness First Aid certification upon completion of a WLS:MP class.

    • What is a WLS:MP certification?

      A Wilderness Life Support: Medical Professional (WLS:MP) class teaches those with a background in medicine how to apply those skills in a wilderness environment.

      This training is valid for four years, eligible for FAWM and CME credit, and is accredited by the Wilderness Medical Society. While not completely equivalent to a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, this class teaches similar content more in-depth at a faster pace, addressing most of the lay-rescuer curriculum. Please inquire with your specific employer or governing body to see if a WLS:MP course will take the place of a WFR certification.

    • What is the difference between AWLS and WLS:MP?

      Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) is the same course as Wilderness Life Support: Medical Professionals (WLS:MP). The name has been changed to better reflect the corresponding curriculum. All accreditation and materials are similar, if not identical.

      What type of continuing education do the medical professional courses provide?

      Our medical professional courses are eligible for Category 1 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME through the ACCME, provided by the joint partnership of the WMS and AdventureMed.

      Inquire with your governing body if you’re unsure whether ACCME credits are recognized.


    • What is FAWM, and how do I apply?

      FAWM stands for Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, a title granted by the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS). According to WMS, “These individuals who proudly use the FAWM credential display the highest level of widely recognized achievement in the field of wilderness medicine.” They have demonstrated significant knowledge and experience in their discipline, and serve their community in a distinguished manner.

      If you wish to apply for FAWM candidacy, please visit


    • How do I access the online modules for a hybrid course?

      To access your online modules, click “+Navigate,” located at the top right corner of the screen. From there, click “My Account,” then “Online Modules” on the left hand side. Here, you will find all purchased online modules for both hybrid and fully remote courses.

    • Where can I find the Wilderness Endorsement module?

      The Wilderness Endorsement class is hosted on a different learning platform than the other online content offered for medical professionals.

      To access this content, you will need to log into your Thinkific account. The link for this is sent in the confirmation email, and you can reset your password to access content on the “My Modules” page.

  • Lay Rescuer

    • How long are your certifications valid?

      Our Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certifications are valid for two years from completion. There is also a one-year grace period, where the certificate holder is eligible to take a re-certification course, upon completion will reinstate WFR credentials.

      Our WFA certifications are valid for two years. In order to maintain current WFA status, certificate holders need to retake a full WFA within that time frame.

      Our CPR/BLS plus AED certifications are valid for two years.


    • How do I access the online content for my hybrid course?

      By creating an account and registering for a course on, a separate account has been created on our learning management system tied to the email used to register. You will need to set a password of your choosing before accessing the content housed on that platform.

      While logged in on the account used to register, please select “My Online Modules”. The online content for your course will display underneath the “Wilderness First Responder Modules” tab. Before being able to access these modules, your password must be set for the learning management system.

      There is a banner reading “If you have not yet set your password for your Lay Rescuer and Wilderness Endorsement modules, you can do so here.” Please follow that link, and you will be redirected to our learning management system to set your password. Enter the email address used to register, and you will receive an email prompting you to set a password of your choosing. 

      Once this has been completed, you will be able to access your online course content through the module displayed in your account. Sign into your account with the email and password you just set, and your course content will display in your student dashboard.

    • Someone else registered me for a course, how do I access my modules?

      If someone else registered you for this course, and your personal email was not registered with the account used to purchase, you will be manually onboarded into our learning management system. 

      Please check your personal email following registration, you will receive an email entitled “Welcome to AdventureMed”, prompting you to set your password and sign in. Your course content will be displayed on your student dashboard once you are signed in. You will have to access your course material directly through the link in your welcome email, so we recommend bookmarking it for ease of access.