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Our mission is to provide high-quality wilderness medical education content and training for the adventurer in all of us

For many, outdoor sports aren’t merely a hobby or pastime; they are a way of life. We see increasing numbers of hikers at the trailhead, on the slopes, or in local waters every year. In 2020, 53% of Americans ages six and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once, the highest participation rate on record. Remarkably, 7.1 million more Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2020 than in the year prior. With this increase in outdoor enthusiasts, medical training is becoming more important than ever.

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What Sets Us Apart

We stand out from other wilderness medicine training providers by making this essential training more accessible and convenient to a wider audience. Many traditional wilderness medicine courses require significant time commitments and high costs, which can prevent people from obtaining this critical training. We seek to break down these barriers by providing high-quality training that is both affordable and accessible.

Accessibility for Students

We offer a range of training options to fit different lifestyles and schedules. For example, the company offers online courses and hybrid courses that combine online modules with in-person training. This flexibility makes it easier for people with busy schedules to fit wilderness medicine training into their lives. And we do all this while making it the most affordable class available!

Local Instructors

We also prioritize training instructors in local areas, making it easier for communities to access training and for those interested in teaching to become certified. This helps to build a network of instructors and trainers who can share their knowledge and skills with others in their community, further increasing accessibility to wilderness medicine training.

High Quality Curriculum

The curriculum we offer is based on the guidelines set by the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS), and the content is written by some of the most respected experts in wilderness medicine. The courses are designed to follow best practices and incorporate the latest research and guidelines. This ensures that students receive the most up-to-date information and training, preparing them to respond effectively to any emergency situation they may encounter in the wilderness. Learn more about our faculty here.

Licensee Benefits

A licensee is an individual or organization that partners with a company or entity to offer products or services under the brand and guidance of that company. In the context of AdventureMed, becoming a licensee means becoming an instructor and offering courses in your area under the AdventureMed brand and following our curriculum and practices.

Expand Offerings

Becoming an AdventureMed licensee can be a great opportunity for individuals or organizations looking to expand their offerings and provide high-quality wilderness medicine education to their community. As a licensee, you can offer courses under the AdventureMed brand, which is well-known and respected in the industry, and tap into their network of instructors, students, and marketing channels.

Instructor Training

One of the main benefits of becoming an AdventureMed licensee is that there is no cost for instructor training or course set up. You only pay for the students who take your courses. Additionally, AdventureMed provides support and resources to help you succeed as an instructor, including access to their curriculum and teaching materials, marketing materials, and ongoing support from their team. Becoming a licensee can also provide flexibility and autonomy for instructors, as they can choose when and where to offer courses based on the needs of their community.

Ways to Partner With Us

Bring the latest in wilderness medicine training to your organization! We offer two options to fit your needs:

Become a Licensee or Instructor

For those seeking to bring courses to their area on a more regular basis, or teach existing courses, AdventureMed has an instructor program that allows qualified candidates to teach our curriculum. See below for qualifications. Those accepted will complete an apprenticeship process before being finalized as an AdventureMed Instructor. This option is ideal for organizations that have staff capable of training and wish to provide education on a regular basis. We offer all the training and resources you need to get started, including course materials, marketing support, and ongoing assistance. Plus, you only pay per person trained, so there are no upfront costs. To see some of our current licensees, click here.

Private Classes

For a private class, you provide the students and the location, AdventureMed will provide the instructors and the curriculum. Our instructors are experts in the field and will provide hands-on training to ensure your team is prepared for any wilderness emergency.

Course Types

  • A Wilderness First Aid course (WFA) for people without medical training who want a basic understanding of wilderness medicine, and how to manage illnesses and injuries in austere environments. These are for outdoor enthusiasts. Learn more about WFA courses here
  • A Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course for people without medical training but want a certification in wilderness medicine. This course is for outdoor professionals, and is the standard for guiding across the outdoor industry. Learn more about WFR courses here
  • Wilderness Life Support for Medical Professionals (WLS:MP) for licensed medical professionals providing a foundation in wilderness medicine, CME credits and those earning their Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). This course was formerly called AWLS (Advanced Wilderness Life Support). Learn more about WLS:MP courses here
  • There are also specialty courses tailored to the user, like our Mountain Bike Medicine course, NICA, for National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Learn more about NICA courses here

Course Formats


Our hybrid courses are divided into two distinct parts: online and condensed in-person. Students must complete the online portion before coming to a shorter in-person course dedicated to practicing skills and scenarios. Want to see our online modules? You can sign up for a free course here.

In Person

Our standard courses are taught fully in-person, and include lectures and presentations, along with discussion and  practical scenario sessions.

Instructor Testimonials


“AdventureMed is phenomenal to work with. Their instructor materials are easy to follow and apply. The courses are comprehensive, with a refreshing emphasis on skills-based teaching and in-depth discussion.”


“We really enjoyed the course and wanted to note our appreciation for the thought and quality work put into everything. The videos on the online portion were really well done. The instructors were AWESOME, not just in explaining this material, but also in their general teaching skills, managing the group, and creating a very welcoming yet on-track learning environment. We were very impressed.

We also really appreciated that you gave us great examples of all the improvised stuff (splints, litters, carries, drags, etc) – in previous WFR courses and recerts, we were just given the materials and told to “see what we come up with”. I much preferred learning a solid technique from which I can improvise later if need be.

You’ve got a great thing going here, Thank you!”


“We sure appreciate your efforts to organize this first aid class. It was super informative and we got great instruction! Many thanks to you organizers and teachers!”


“As a NICA coach with healthcare experience, my team asked me to help with the First Aid and CPR requirements. AdventureMed’s instructor onboarding process was excellent. The online instructor resources and testing materials were easy to access and well crafted. If I needed any help I was able to reach out to staff who were responsive to my inquiries. Additionally we have been able to work together to help improve the course for our students. They have been great to partner with.”


“I received good feedback from the students. One specific thing I was told that is worth repeating is that, in addition to saying that our instructors were great, was that the non-lecture format was really good for them. Several of the students expressed appreciation for both the very hands-on structure of the in-person time, and also the way their instructors were more ‘conversational’ than ‘lecture’ in their presentation. The instructors say the curriculum was practical and helpful, and our students were very active participants.”